The Green School for Boys

Beyond Your Grasp

Robert Browning


The Green School for Boys is The Green School Trust’s second school. It is a new Church of England free school which opened in September 2017. When full, the school will provide 750 places for boys aged 11 - 16 years with a 300 place Sixth Form planned to open in September 2022. Our Christian ethos means that we place an emphasis on spiritual development as well as academic, social and personal development. However, this does not mean that all our boys come from an exclusively Christian background. The Governing Body welcomes boys of all faiths and of none.
At least 50% of places are community places open to those of different faiths and of no faith in order that the school serves the needs of both local residents and the local Christian community.


Please note that application forms will be accepted after 1st September 2018 in line with local authority guidelines.


Information on submitting an appeal is available from

Please note that you cannot appeal for a place at a school for which no application was made.