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Full school uniform is compulsory for all students. The table below shows the list of items that your son will need during years 7 – 11 at The Green School for Boys. The dress code for Sixth Form will be listed separately. Please take note of which items are prohibited in our uniform policy.  Our school uniform should be purchased from Stevensons unless otherwise indicated.

Outdoor Wear

Coats or jackets

Plain dark green or black (any supplier) no denim or leather jackets or hooded tops.

Winter Scarves, hats etc. 

Dark colours, no caps (any supplier)

School rucksack

Black rucksack with school logo

Indoor Wear


Bottle green with school logo.

White shirt

Plain white collared. (any supplier)

School tie

Green with black and white stripe

School trousers

Black school trousers (any supplier)

School V-neck Jumper

Bottle green with appropriate house colour

Al-Khalili - Green

Brunel - Grey

Garrett-Anderson - Teal

Hawking - Purple


Plain black leather school shoes (any supplier)

(no canvas, suede  or Kickers boots  or trainers) 

High top boots are not allowed please see the images for further clarity


Plain black  (any supplier)

White lab coat

Any supplier

PE Uniform

PE polo shirt

PE shorts

PE Rugby jersey

PE ¼ zip top

School Sports  socks

Plain black Track bottoms  (any supplier)

White trainers,  Football boots & shin pads

P.E. Bags: There is no requirement to buy a specific P.E. bag for P.E. Kits. P.E. bags should be plain and dark in colour. Each boy will have a locker to store his P.E. bag and other belongings during the week. When he knows his timetable P.E. bags should be brought in for the days of his P.E. lessons only.

Please also be aware of the following in regards to our uniform policy

Hair must be appropriate for the Green School for Boys, presentable and safe.  In relation to this the following applies:

Hair must not be dyed in any way other than natural hair colours. Coloured streaks in hair are not permissible.

Haircuts with extreme differences in length on different parts of the head (i.e. shaved back and side with long hair on the top of the head) are not permitted

Hair must not be shaved below a 2 grade

Tracks, tramlines, designs or steps are not allowed.

Tracks or lines are not to be shaved into eyebrows


No jewellery other than wristwatches or a necklace of religious significance may be worn (for health and safety reasons, necklaces must be worn under the school jumper)

Bracelets should not be worn to school; Sikh students may wear the Kara

Earrings are not allowed in school for health and safety reasons

No other piercings are allowed (e.g. nose studs or other facial piercings) and students will be asked to remove them immediately

Non-uniform jewellery will be confiscated and returned at the end of term

Jewellery in PE Lessons

Personal effects, such as jewellery, religious artefacts, watches and so forth, should always be removed to establish a safe working environment. (Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport)

Personal presentation

Students are expected to be smart and presentable at all times with shirts tucked in and ties done up properly. This includes travelling to and from school when they are representing the school.

Please ensure all items of uniform and PE kit are clearly labelled with the student’s name.


The Green School for Boys Uniform Policy