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The governance structure for The Green School for Boys consists of two tiers: the Board of Directors of The Green School Trust and the Local Governing Body for The Green School for Boys. The Board of Directors delegate responsibilities to the Local Governing Body through a Scheme of Delegation.

The Local Governing Body’s responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring pupils’ academic achievement
  • Ensuring that all pupils receive support according to their individual needs
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching
  • Reviewing the staff structure
  • Scrutinising the school’s finances regularly and in detail
  • Overseeing spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • Reviewing specific curriculum issues and extra-curricular activities
  • Establishing and maintaining links with parents
  • Setting up panels as required for admissions, staff grievances and disciplinary issues and student exclusions

Governors bring relevant skills and experience to their task and undertake appropriate training. Governors are linked with an area of activity within the school to enable them to get to know the school through informal visits and contribute to a specific area of school life.

Governors do not get involved in the day-to-day management or operation of the school nor in issues relating to individual pupils (other than in the case of an exclusion panel).  They cannot make decisions as individuals unless they have specific authority from the full Local Governing Body to do so.

The Directors, the Governors, the Executive Headteacher and the Head of School work in close partnership for the good of the school, respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities.  Governors act as “critical friends”, by supporting the Executive Headteacher and Head of School in the performance of their responsibilities by providing advice, feedback and constructive challenge.

The constitution of the Local Governing Body for The Green School for Boys is as follows:

  • Six Foundation Governors, appointed by the Board of Directors
  • Two Parent Governors, elected by parents
  • One Staff Governor, elected by staff
  • The Head of School, ex officio

Except for the Head of School, who is ex officio, members of the Local Governing Body are appointed or elected for a three year term, although they can be reappointed or re-elected at the end of their term of office. The Executive Headteacher and all Directors may attend Local Governing Body meetings.

LOCAL Governing Body

The Green School for Boys Local Governing Body 2023-24
Name Governor Category Method of Appointment

Date of Appointment


Term of Office Ends Roles LGB Meetings
Miss Hannah-Christiana Ajayi Foundation Appointed by Trust 11/11/2022 10/11/2025

Chair (from 17/04/2023)

Pay Committee

Ms Nadine Moore Foundation Appointed by Trust 17/10/2022* 16/10/2025

Safeguarding and SEND Link, HR Committee

Mr Simon Carter Head of School Ex Officio 01/04/2017 Ex Officio 5/5
Ms Asimina Douvros Staff Elected by Staff 06/02/2023 05/02/2026 2/3
Mrs Kate Notarianni Foundation Appointed by Trust 20/03/2023 19/03/2026 PP Link  5/5
Mrs Helen Wildgust Foundation Appointed by Trust 22/05/23* 21/05/2026 Audit & Risk Committee 4/5
Revd Elis Matthews Foundation Appointed by Trust 23/04/2021 22/04/2024 3/5
Mrs Amanda Lennon Parent Governor Elected by Parents 15/05/2023 14/05/2026 HR Committee 2/2
Mr Elston Ruddock Parent Governor Elected unopposed 15/01/2024 14/01/2027 N/A
Mr Bharat Jain Foundation Appointed by Trust 06/02/2020 * 05/02/2023 Chair of HR Working Party 2/2
Miss Aarti Sharma Staff Elected by Staff 21/01/2020 20/01/2023 1/2
Ms Anusha Rajiyah Foundation Appointed by Trust  20/03/2023 (pending DBS) 03/10/2023 1/2
Mr Syeed Abdul-Rahman Parent Governor Elected by Parents 04/12/2020 03/12/2023 Finance, Premises and H&S Committee 3/5

Governors can be contacted via the Head of Governance Services, Mrs Kate Nepstad, at

Local Governing Body Register of Business and Pecuniary interests 

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests
Name Relevant Business and Pecuniary interests Other Educational
Establishments Governed
Relationship with
School Staff

including Partners and Relatives
Miss Hannah-Christiana Ajayi (Chair) Graduate Trainee at Taylor Wimpey None - Close family member is Chair of Governors at The Blue School in Isleworth None
Ms Nadine Moore (Vice-Chair) None None None
Mr Simon Carter Head of School - The Green School for Boys
Family interest: Son attends the school
 None On Staff
Mrs Kate Notarianni Employee of the Government Legal Department
Family interest: Son attends the school
None None
Mrs Helen Wildgust Employee of The Blue School in Isleworth None None
Revd Elis Matthews Vicar and employee of St Mary's Spring Grove (Church of England) On clergy team supporting The Blue School in Isleworth None
Ms Asimina Douvros None None On Staff
Mrs Amanda Lennon Self-employed  employment lawyer and HR consultant (Astralis HR Solutions Ltd)Family interest: Sons attend the school None None
Mr Elston Ruddock Family interest: son attends the school None None
Mr Bharat Jain Employee of BT None None
Miss Aarti Sharma None None On staff
Mr Syeed Abdul-Rahman Employee of Bank of America
Family interest: Sons attend the school
None None

Scheme of Delegation

Governor Profiles

TGSB Local Governing Body Terms of Reference