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Parents & Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,

 We will be updating this page of the website with the latest news and information for you.  


Latest School Bulletin

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 Year 11 Exam Leave Arrangements

tgsb y11 exam leave arrangements 2024.pdf


A message from the Medical Room

Dear Parents/Carers,
Can we please ask parents/carers to remind their sons to carry their own refillable water bottles, especially during periods of warmer weather. The school has plenty of water fountains that the students can use to refill their water bottles at break times. Reception is also currently looking after a small supply of lost water bottles, therefore if you think your child may have lost his bottle please encourage him to come to reception to check.
We are also aware that hay fever can make school life difficult for young people, particularly during the summer months and the grass pollen season (typically May - beginning of September), which affects the majority of those with hay fever. Hay fever symptoms can lead to disrupted sleep, which affects alertness and the ability to concentrate. The symptoms are often unpleasant and in a classroom setting, they can be extremely difficult to manage. To ensure that your child’s hay fever is successfully managed, please administer your child’s hay fever medication at the beginning of the day before they come to school.

Here are some tips to help your child get through the summer term:

  • Commonly used treatments: antihistamine nose sprays, steroid nose sprays, antihistamine tablets or liquid and anti-allergy eye drops. These can take several days to take effect, so need to be administered daily, over several weeks; and then continued until the end of the pollen season.

  • Help your child get a good night’s sleep by keeping windows closed overnight in their bedroom. Make sure they wash their hair/face and change their clothes before they get into bed so that pollen is not transferred onto their bed sheets/pillow.

Kind Regards,
Miss Willis
TGSB Welfare Assistant